Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Projects…Cant have just one :)

So I found myself looking around for more yarn yesterday. I really wanted to crochet something. I started looking around on Ravelry and I was missing something for every pattern that I wanted to do. What’s funny is over the past few days I have been trying to finish up some of the unfinished projects that I have around the house. I finished the afghan for my friend then started one for my aunt. I haven’t finished the cowl that I started (I found, color changes in knitting is a lot harder than in crochet). I decided not to compete in the Vanna’s Choice contest this year because I don’t think I will be able to finish the afghan in time. Even though I was trying to get away from scarves. I found a pattern on for a ruffle scarf that looked pretty cool. Another plus is I am trying to use up this multicolor yarn my mom got me for Christmas.  I am not a big fan of the multicolor stuff. So, instead of finishing projects I have started new ones but I was able to satisfy my craving crocheting a new pattern as well as use some “undesirable” yarn :) Over all I think this was a win. I started the scarf yesterday and finished it today after class.  DSC03186DSC03189DSC03206 DSC03204  

I didn’t add the tassels at the end as the pattern suggests. I really don’t care for tassels. The only problem I ran into was at the very end I ran out of yarn. This is probably because I made the scarf a lot longer than the pattern suggests. Because of the shape and color of the scarf, the unfinished end is not noticeable at all.DSC03199

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