Saturday, March 27, 2010

The recap

I created a new album on FB for my crafts, Nifty Crafts. I am pretty happy about how the pics cam out. (i left out the ones i didnt like..he he).  I think its so funny that the thing i liked the least, photographed the best.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Tam

I made this tam for KJ. i really like the cable pattern and the size. Its so big, i can wear all of my hair in the tam or down I want to send it to her ASAP but i want to make a scarf. I am pretty happy about the way it came out. I hope she doesn’t hate red.

 DSC03383 DSC03384 DSC03376 DSC03381

I was able to pull it tighter in the back so that hole in the top is not there anymore. I didn’t feel like taking another picture afterward.



Here is a pic of the cable pattern. This was my first time using this cable pattern and i really like it.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cowl No More

As I was working on the cowl, i found that it is just too huge to be a cowl and still show the design the way i want it to. The cowl is no more. It is now going to be a shawl. I might have to get some more yarn. If i do, so be it. Oh, I found this shawl pin on Etsy that i think is perfect

Treble Clef Light Weight Aluminum Shawl Pin

Isn’t it pretty!!! This shop has a lot of nice pins though. I dont know I might go with a heart one.

Celtic Heart and Swirls Light Weight Aluminum Shawl PinSpiral Love Heart Light Weight Aluminum Shawl Pin

Both of these are cute. I think i like the treble clef pin the best.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Holy Cowl Revised

So…The cowl that I was knitting was not turning out the way that I wanted. I think I need a little more practice with color work before I make anything design plans. I took apart what i had completed so far and decided to go with crocheting for this project. Because this is a gift I don’t want it to look too “jacked-up” (for lack of a better term). DSC03212 This is the second day that I have worked on the “revised” cowl and I only like half of it. What’s worse is i like the 2nd half better than the first :( . The treble clef is so messy and the bass clef is so clean and neat. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to start it over. I already told myself that i am not going to take it apart. I am sure after I do the finishing it wont look that bad. Hopefully…


This size of this thing is crazy. It really does make you want to say “Holy Cowl!”. I want to say that i should be done with it in the two days but I don’t know because this weekend is going to be busier than usual. I just want to hurry up and get this done and sent to KJ before the cold weather ends completely.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Projects…Cant have just one :)

So I found myself looking around for more yarn yesterday. I really wanted to crochet something. I started looking around on Ravelry and I was missing something for every pattern that I wanted to do. What’s funny is over the past few days I have been trying to finish up some of the unfinished projects that I have around the house. I finished the afghan for my friend then started one for my aunt. I haven’t finished the cowl that I started (I found, color changes in knitting is a lot harder than in crochet). I decided not to compete in the Vanna’s Choice contest this year because I don’t think I will be able to finish the afghan in time. Even though I was trying to get away from scarves. I found a pattern on for a ruffle scarf that looked pretty cool. Another plus is I am trying to use up this multicolor yarn my mom got me for Christmas.  I am not a big fan of the multicolor stuff. So, instead of finishing projects I have started new ones but I was able to satisfy my craving crocheting a new pattern as well as use some “undesirable” yarn :) Over all I think this was a win. I started the scarf yesterday and finished it today after class.  DSC03186DSC03189DSC03206 DSC03204  

I didn’t add the tassels at the end as the pattern suggests. I really don’t care for tassels. The only problem I ran into was at the very end I ran out of yarn. This is probably because I made the scarf a lot longer than the pattern suggests. Because of the shape and color of the scarf, the unfinished end is not noticeable at all.DSC03199

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunrise Sunset Afghan & Baby Afghan

In November I found out that one of my friends was going to have a baby soon. As I always do, I decided to make the new baby a blanket. 


Then I came across a pattern that I had been dying to make. I think I originally found the pattern at a Michaels or Hobby Lobby. It was one of those free patterns you find hanging  on the isles. I started making this one for my friend and then, as usually, I was distracted and the project was temporarily forgotten. I finally finished the blanket. Details and progressive pictures for this project are available on my Ravelry.




Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holy Cowl!!!

I promised to crochet my friend a scarf a long time ago but I never seemed to get around to it. Every time that I realized that it had been put off for a couple more weeks I designed a more extravagant scarf. The last time I came up with something it was a green, purple and white, zig zag hooded infinity scarf with pockets that had her initials on it... say that 3 times fast. That scarf's journey began many times but never ended. Since, I have learned to knit and I decided to dedicate my first cowl to my friend, KJ. I started sometime around midnight last night so this is my official day one and its going pretty well. I am going to try and finish this by the end of the week because my classes start on Wednesday; I don't want a repeat of the scarf that never was...Anywho, this is what it looks like so far. I might track my progress on I haven't quite decided yet