Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cowl No More

As I was working on the cowl, i found that it is just too huge to be a cowl and still show the design the way i want it to. The cowl is no more. It is now going to be a shawl. I might have to get some more yarn. If i do, so be it. Oh, I found this shawl pin on Etsy that i think is perfect

Treble Clef Light Weight Aluminum Shawl Pin

Isn’t it pretty!!! This shop has a lot of nice pins though. I dont know I might go with a heart one.

Celtic Heart and Swirls Light Weight Aluminum Shawl PinSpiral Love Heart Light Weight Aluminum Shawl Pin

Both of these are cute. I think i like the treble clef pin the best.

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