Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello Craft, Nice to have met you

I have been on a journey of crafts since I was about 11 years old. First I learned how to cross stitch. I was always wanting to cross stitch something and thinking of patterns to create. I wouldn't actually use a pattern until much later on. I started off making the simple flat patterns. Then I graduated to simple patterns on tiny bags or small pillows and maybe some wall art here and there. I just loved being able to sit down and create something. Whats better was that something that I created was beautiful. I went from cross stitch to crochet. Now, crochet is the craft that I have grown to love. Although, I like to keep it very simple as to what I am creating. I find the fun in the patterns. Since I did start off as a cross stitcher I love to take a blank pallet and make it my own and then add a little texture. I get excited just thinking about it. Whenever I crochet in public people always ask me, "what are you knitting?". Then, I have to go through the, " I am not knitting. I am crocheting" explanation. Sometimes, I skip it, they'll probably never know the difference. I tried knitting in the past but it just seemed to complicated. The only thing that really interested me about knitting were those beautiful cables. Sure, there are crochet patterns for "crochet cables" but they just don't have the same effect. I had to give knitting another try and i finally got it. I practiced knitting, purling and some basic stitch patterns for a couple days and before the end of the week I was knitting cables. It could be because my hands are still getting used to knitting but as of right now, knitting seems to take a lot more time than crochet. Don't get my wrong its beautiful, no doubt, but boy is it time consuming. I haven picked up a needle to cross stitch in years but I will definitely hold on to the skill. Crocheting and knitting have become my two turtle doves held together by a ball of yarn.